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Welcome to Eagle Crown Coffee: Top exporters of green Arabica coffee beans from Kenya!

Eagle Crown Coffee - We are top exporters of green Arabica coffee beans from Kenya to the rest of the world.
We source our coffee from Kenya and supply it in wholesale to importers in other countries.
Our clients span North America, the Middle East, Far East Asian countries and other regions.
Coffee importers who buy from us either act as roasters or distributors of green coffee beans in their own countries.

Kenyan coffee is among the best and most popular together with coffee from other top coffee-growing countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, and others.
Kenyan coffee is grown in micro-climates that give it a quality that gives it scores of above 80 out of a 100.
That score makes it a top choice for making specialty coffee and for generating popular flavors like Cappuccino and Espresso among others.

We welcome you to do business with us.

Kenyan coffee

From the seedbed to the market

Why Choose us

Our guarantee for the best quality coffee

We guarantee our customers a supply of the finest coffee from Kenya, arabica coffee grown on fertile volcanic soils, carefully tended, harvested and stored to ensure only the best quality end product!

Quality of our coffee

The climate of Kenya's coffee growing regions, the volcanic soils, the farming methods used, the selective picking by hand of ripe berries when harvesting among other factors are optimal conditions for production of the very high-quality coffee that we export to the world.
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We understand coffee

We have staff that have deep knowledge of coffee, Kenyan coffee in particular. This deep knowledge is grounded in equally deep passion about coffee and cumulative experience in the field of coffee spanning decades. Above that, they are all thoroughly trained in matters coffee.
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Timely shipping to our clients

We are very strict and disciplined where service to our clients is concerned. We source for and deliver coffee in strict conformity with the wishes and instructions of our clients. We do our best to ensure timely shipping of coffee to our clients. We are also available to offer
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Below are the latest news pertaining to the coffee export industry particularly in Kenya and the world at large


The most healthy seedlings

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Before seedlings are transferred from the seedbed to the main farm, the most healthy ones are selected and the rest are discarded
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High quality seeds

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We only source our coffee from farmers who are supplied with the highest quality seeds from their co-operative societies
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Our lead quality controller has over three decades of experience in grading coffee for global organizations
The different environments that host the coffee growing regions in Kenya ensure different unique flavours from the different regions
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